Selby counselling

Sandra Lock, Counsellor / Psychotherapist

 I recognise that each person is a unique individual and as such I encourage that person to be counselled at their own pace. It is important to create an atmosphere where you (the client) feels safe to explore your feelings, hopes and desires. To this end my conservatory has been adapted to provide a comfortable, safe, secure, warm, and confidential setting.

At the initial stage of the contract, time is taken to understand what it is you require from counselling and most importantly if you feel I am the right sort of counsellor for you, (I can make appropriate referrals if required).

I can promise you my responses’ will be gentle, non-prompting, understanding and genuine. As our sessions and professional relationship progress, strategic reviews will take place to ensure that you are receiving the right sort of therapy and support to assist in your therapeutic journey.

It is my personal belief that if someone listens, really listens to some-one, that the act of individual non- judgemental attention will lead you (the client), feeling ‘whole’ and supported. It is my intention to provide this support, which will ultimately empower you the client to an understanding of self, and give you the ability to achieve your goals set during counselling.

I work in the relational model which basically means that I have no desire to change you, but that I will support you in the changes you want to make yourself.

I work mainly from home, and I do not limit how many sessions you can have. I recognise that each client will need a different timescale according to their individual needs.

Each session will last for approximately 1 hour.